Free Donald Trump Emojis!


This Trumpoji suite is bundled into a slick iOS Keyboard for easy access! Copy & Paste your favorite trumpism any time, any day.


Examples of the Premium Trumpoji Suite

Trumpoji in the News!

How to Install the App

Step 1: Download the iOS App (sorry we don't have an Android version currently)

Step 2: Install the Keyboard, Open Settings

Step 3: Select General, go to Keyboard, then Keyboards

Step 4: Select "Add New Keyboard"

Step 5: Select Trumpoji in the list of keyboards

Step 6: Back at the list of installed keyboards click "Trumpoji"

Step 7: Click "Allow Full Access" to allow the App to Copy & Paste the emojis into your messages!

Text like a Winner

I built a great emoji keyboard – nobody builds emoji keyboards better than me, believe me.. It's a terrific app that works on all iPhones big and yuge. Mark my words.

Trumpoji will empower you to become a winner. Believe me, you will become bored with winning. That's how much we'll be winning together!

An extremely credible source has called my office and told me that kimojis are a fraud.

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